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Photo by Colouir White Photography, Market Harborough

I would like to introduce ourselves to you…

My name is Liane and I am the owner of Liane’s Cakes & Catering. We are a family run business based in Northampton. It began many, many years ago when I decided I wanted to make a cake for my parents Pearl Wedding Anniversary. I had absolutely no skills (and Google wasn’t around then!) and no idea how to start. After asking a lot of questions and becoming a real nuisance at my local cake decorating shop I made, what can only be described as, a dreadful pile of xxx! Something that only a mother could love, and she did! But it was the beginning. It started a huge passion in me and over the last 25 or so years, I have made all kinds of celebration cakes.

When I was made redundant from my primary school teaching job, I decided to bite the bullet and took on a part time admin role in order to launch my new cake business (then called Sugar Symphony). At the same time, my first grandchild was born and within a few months I was part time Granny Day Care, which I must say is THE best job in the world!

Over the next couple of years I began to get asked if I would do the catering for various family and friend celebrations and events, which I have found is another love of mine. Seeing the elation on peoples faces when they see the wonderful spread prepared just for them, is amazing. Hence the name and direction change – we became Liane’s Cakes & Catering.

In November last year my second grandchild was born, and this has brought home to me my ‘why’. I love the fact that running my own business allows me the freedom to look after my grandchildren, to be there for them and their parents, hopefully to attend sports days and school assemblies soon. The flexibility to do, and be, with the things and people I love.

I am super lucky to have the support of my family not only with ideas, but also with preparation, delivery and IT skills and I could not have done any of it without any of them and their support.

Love them all!

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